What exactly are “FACTORS” and why are some of them so hard to identify?

There are two types of FACTORS:

  • There are factors that are at the surface level that everyone can see and identify.
  • There are factors that are below the surface that most can’t see nor identify.

If you notice from our logo, there is an iceberg, and while everyone can see the iceberg above the water, it is very hard to see the iceberg that is below the surface. The iceberg below the water in most cases is larger that the portion of the iceberg that is seen above the water. What does this mean to a ministry? To see the FACTORS below the surface, you need someone that can ask the right questions to get below the surface, to understand what is below the surface that is causing what everyone else can’t see on the surface.

To take this illustration even further what is below the surface of the iceberg supports the iceberg you see above the surface. To correct what is on the surface you have to correct what is below the surface. Why is it hard to identify what is below the surface? Because it is not easy to self-identify what is causing the below the surface issues when you are working in it. Don’t feel like you have let your team down because you are not sure what is the underlying cause of the FACTORS that are causing surface level issues, because it is difficult to do so.

How are we different? We don’t just identify surface level FACTORS, but we spend the time getting to know you and your team as a true ministry partner, and in doing so we build a strong trust your team, so we can dig below the surface to identify the FACTORs that are negatively affecting your ministry. Fixing surface level issues are great but the don’t lead to long terms success, because when below the surface issues aren’t addressed, new surface levels issues will appear creating a viscous circle.

Does any of the above relate to your ministry? Is your ministry in pre-launch phase, preparing to build a building, a recent church plant, and/or has your ministry been around for years? If so, we can help!

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