If you noticed from our website and logo, we have incorporated gears into them both. Why is that? In business as well as ministry, gears represent the different aspects of operations, organization, etc. While some aspects of the operations appear to be running well, the other aspects may not be doing as well or as well as it could be. Eventually the aspects of the operations that are not doing as well begin to affect the areas that were running well, or at best preventing the areas that are running well from doing even better.

Just like a set of gears, each gear works with the other, and while you can have a strong gear that is doing all of the work, eventually the damaged gear is either going to shear off completely and break, or the damaged gear it is going negatively affect the good gear, or both gears could be damaged preventing any forward momentum. You need all your gears to be in good shape to be able to move forward with full strength, the last thing you want to happen is the gears to jam and all forward momentum stops.

In other words, a ministry is like an engine with many moving components, our job is to make sure that every gear is in place, and that every gear is aligned with other gears, so they run smoothly together allowing for maximum ministry efficiency and effectiveness.

Does any of the above relate to your ministry? Is your ministry in pre-launch phase, preparing to build a building, a recent church plant, and/or has your ministry been around for years? If so, we can help!

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