A building relies on a strong foundation for support and without one it will eventually fail and collapse over time. While initially being functional, once a weak foundation begins to settle into the ground, cracks will begin to develop in the foundation and subsequently the building due to the lack of proper support. As storms come and go, the soil will erode under the weak foundation further adding to the instability of the building.

Foundations also exists in ministries; however, the foundation is not made of concrete but rather of the people who serve it. While a ministry without a strong operational and organizational foundation may be functional initially, small cracks in the foundation can begin to develop leading to larger cracks over time which are more difficult to repair. In terms of ministries, these large cracks lead to growth issues, inability to find/retain key leaders, loss of joy in serving, financial issues, and/or a staff & pastor team who are slowly burning out. Eventually these large cracks if left unattended can lead to collapse of a ministry at the worst case, but in the typical case these ministries simply do not reach their maximum Kingdom impact potential.

To have a strong foundation for the people who serve the ministry, the key is to have the right organizational and operational components in place. At Kingdom Factors, our heart is to identify the FACTORS, both operationally and organizationally, that are causing these cracks and put systems in place that lead to filling in these cracks so that a strong foundation will be in place. With a strong foundation in place, it will allow your ministry to have its greatest potential impact to the KINGDOM.

Does any of the above relate to your ministry? Is your ministry in pre-launch phase, preparing to build a building, a recent church plant, and/or has your ministry been around for years? If so, we can help!

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